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I’m Mazarine Treyz, the Wild Woman of Fundraising & Social Media. Why am I the wild woman? Because sometimes, in your life, you need to be able to speak your truth. That’s what wild means, to me. Anyone can buy a nosering or dye their hair pink or jump out of an airplane. What is really scary to many people is simply speaking your truth, from the heart.

Want to get wild with me?

The path here was anything but conventional. I’ve worked as an editor at the Economist in New York City, a grantwriter in Indonesia, co-founded a nonprofit in Massachusetts, and in a variety of fundraising roles, including development associate, development officer, and  development director. But that was then. This is now.

These days, with Wild Woman Fundraising, I help nonprofits train their staff, board and volunteers to have fun with fundraising, with fun coaching, wicked webinars, fabulous e-courses, wonderful workshops and more.

With Wild Social Media, I help government agencies like the Small Business Development Centers, the City of Austin, Texas and Small Business Association train small businesses to market themselves better.

More about me: I love having fun and being creative! I work on expressing myself through felting, encaustic art and poetry.

For the last five years, I’ve been giving Destiny Card readings. I’ve been certified to perform transformational card readings by the order of the magi. And I’m a founding member of the international association of cardology. I’m also starting to give Human Design readings. So much of our lives are filled with frustration and confusion. I’ve found that these readings help people accept themselves and others as they are.

My clients span industries—from national nonprofits to government, from naturopaths to poets. I’ve shared my expertise with resume-logos

  • The Association of Fundraising Professionals National Conference
  • National Fundraising Convention, London, UK
  • Association of Donor Relations Professionals
  • Birds Caribbean Conference Kingston, Jamaica
  • Kitsap Community Foundation Center for Nonprofit Excellence
  • US Olympic Committee
  • The Small Business Association (SBA)
  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • The Oregon Small Business Development Center Network (OSBDCN)
  • The University of Portland Master’s in Nonprofit Management Program
  • The City of Portland, Oregon
  • Metro Regional Government
  • The City of Austin, Texas
  • Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs
  • MercyCorps NW Women’s Business program
  • 4Good
  • GuideStar
  • VolunteerMatch
  • Nonprofit.About.com
  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Fundraising Success Magazine’s Virtual Conference
  • Progressive Business Publications
  • Blackbaud
  • Meals on Wheels of America National
  • The Schleroderma Foundation National Conference
  • Downs Syndrome Affiliates in Action
  • And thousands of nonprofits around the USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

Some of my favorite crew: Sheena Greer the fundraising writing guru of Colludo, Claire Axelrad, fundraising veteran of Clairification, Vanessa Chase of The Storytelling Nonprofit, Amy Eisenstein of Tripoint Fundraising, John Lepp of Agents of Good, Simone Joyaux of Joyaux Associates, Shanon Doolittle of Do Good Everyday, Joe Waters, cause marketing guru, Amy Sample Ward, who is all about #NPTECH, Gail Perry, originator of Fired Up fundraising board training, Pamela Grow fantastic fundraising guru! I’ve got bottomless love for my smart and funny friends. And they love me back.


The Wild Woman's Guide to FundraisingMy first book: The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising holds all of that stuff you wish they taught you in your first fundraising job. I took all the fundraising tips I gathered over the years and tucked it into one handy-dandy book. Everything from how to get your board members to fundraise to how to create a one page fundraising plan. It’s all in here. If you read this book, you’ll stack the odds in your favor by learning more about many aspects of fundraising, filling the gaps in your knowledge and getting more money for your cause. My goal with this book is to help you make fundraising more fun for yourself and for everyone involved with your cause. Click here to learn more about this book.




Wild Woman's Guide to Social MediaIn 2012 I published my second book, The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media. It was rated 5 stars by Nonprofit.About.Com, and it’s really good for small business too. What’s it got? Lots of worksheets. Lots of checklists. Lots of stories. It’s ultimately a step by step guide for you to succeed in building attention online. I share with you my secrets for getting 50,000 monthly uniques, over 5,000 people on my mailing list, and more, starting from nothing, with no connections. If you want to build a reputation, get more attention for your cause or yourself, you need to read this book.








In 2013 I published my third book, Get the Job! Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide. It has also received a 5 star rating from Nonprofit.About.com. It’s got sample cover letters and resumes for fundraising jobs, and how to negotiate your salary and how to interview strong. Even more than that, it talks about what happens AFTER you get the job.

Stuff like how to empower yourself at work. How to learn what oppression looks like, how to resolve workplace conflicts, and uncovering some of your motivations in fundraising and the nonprofit world. It’s the book I wish I had when I started fundraising. Click here to read reviews about this book.


 I’ve also created a number of popular e-courses about fundraising and marketing. Here are a few of them.



Mazarine TreyzWhy am I doing this? My goal is simple: deliver fun, inspiring education that will put you in the driver’s seat of your life. If you want to be the first to hear about the latest and greatest tips, tools and resources for fundraising and social media, be sure to sign up for my newsletter at http://wildwomanfundraising.com/free-stuff.

Let’s connect!

I’d love to meet you! The best places to connect with me online are on Twitter, LinkedIn, or in the comments section of my blog posts. Be sure to check my Events to find out what I’m teaching right now!

The Faberge Wrecking Ball by Mazarine Treyz

I also write poetry. Here’s a chapbook I wrote, called The Faberge Wrecking Ball.

You can also: email me at info at wildwomanfundraising dot com or call 503-673-3863.


I love to read, draw, make art and food with friends, write, and encourage others in their dreams.

Here is a list of all of my projects. Now your life is complete.


Mazarine Treyz has been featured on national syndicated media, including The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Philanthropy.com’s Fundraising Fundamentals podcast, Fundraising Success Magazine,Tony Martignetti’s Nonprofit Radio show, and the Career Clinic with Maureen Anderson.



Featured in the CauseVox podcast October 2016
Featured interview in the Bali Advertiser July 2016
Interviewed on Marcy Heim’s Major Gifts Success Club August 2015
Interviewed by Audience Hacker August 2014
Interview with the Boomer Business podcast June 2014
Interview with Joe Garecht of The Fundraising Authority May, 2014
Featured interview on Bloomerang blog April 2014
Interview with Today’s Leading Women podcast April 14th, 2014
Interviewed about Year End Fundraising on the Philanthropy for All Blog by Vanessa Chase December 4th, 2013
Interviewed on Entrepreneurship for the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, November 23rd, 2013
Interviewed by Myra Goldick for the Nothing Is Impossible Radio Show, June, 2013
Interviewed by Carmen Carrozza on Rockstar Radio Network January, 2013.
Interviewed December, 2012 by Joe Garecht of The Fundraising Authority
Interviewed for Movie Mondays by 501 Videos on September, 2012
Interviewed for the Chronicle for Philanthropy Podcast, Fundraising Fundamentals, by Tony Martignetti, January 19th, 2012

Features, Articles and Mentions


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Mazarine Treyz, cover story, june, 2013, fundraising success magazine

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Creating a fundraising plan,what works and what doesn’t. Guest Contributor on Nonprofit.About.com April, 2014
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For earlier articles and mentions, pre-2013, please see the media page


To Schedule an interview with Mazarine for your podcast, blog or TV show, email: mazarine at wildwomanfundraising . com.