Light sensations

Light Sensations


To put among the stars
A constellation

Reaching out
A chartreuse wave runs
Eagerly touching
The mountains on Jupiter
It houses itself
In a dormant stage

These little balls blown hither and thither
Bursting their coats
Naked again

A flower spreading its petals
Lipping outward rippled edges
Dramaturgy in small things

A skirt throwing itself
Into a dance
Around and around
Spinning and looking
Who will I thrust myself into next

To play with the patterns of existence and
Arrange them in new and original ways
So you induce the dark to emit
So many gleaming nuances
In a purple sky, in green lightning flashes
You show the aching pulse of each passing moment

I notice your simplicity
And your activity
In the service of images that fill you
They lead you mysteriously onward
And somehow I am discovering you-
With the point of my pen

Beacon Rock, December

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Certainly Not

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