Poetry readings with Geetanjali!

Mazarine Treyz Geetanjali Joshi

We had such a fun poetry reading at my place in August! 20 people showed! And people got to read for the first time! It was simply magical. Thanks to Geetanjali Joshi!

Then we recreated the magic in September at Sante Bar!

Mazarine Treyz Mazarine Treyz

Here are the two poems I read:



From the yacht

We let go of the rudder

Bolt the door

Listen to the coupling

Greased by bribes

Clothes molted on the bed

Feathers from a broken pillow

Flying to disturb

The hot air

Stippling crimson

With exertion

Don’t touch the blister

She whispers

Above dull muddy depths

Screaming into the padding

He bottles tension

Until he droops at last

Ballast exhausted

Listing to port then


In the dark

From memory

Splintered into pieces

How was it?

Answer, reply!

No answer.

At a loss

for words


I’m suffering


The statue of liberty on the east coast

Should have a partner

Statue of responsibility on the west coast

Or what about a statue of equality?


But do you know how to suffer?

Spinoza says, “Emotion which is

Suffering, ceases to be suffering

As soon as we form a clear and precise picture of it.


But it’s good I have to take a break

It’s good I have to wait

To long for, to overcome

the days and weeks and hours

Until-I get home


Like Sagawa I say,

Fingers stained with cigarette tar

Caress the wiggling darkness


Watch out! If you don’t write patriotic stuff

The Shiso Keisatsu (thought police) will come and arrest you


While everything sneered

Night was already in my hands


I smoke his golden bats.

The sound of the bell shaves away

Tree flesh piece by piece

Because time no longer exists here


In winter all things are

Nothing more than the projection of spirits

Embracing for spirits

Tangled like wet yarn


I crack an egg and the moon comes out

Damp air flows past my cheek

My vision is about to come to a halt

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