I got the sweetest thank you note today!

It says, Wow Mazarine! Your 2017 Conference was amazing! Thank you for creating the Fundraising Career Conference. Because of the amazing presentations you have inspired me to think hard about the type of nonprofit culture I need to be a successful fundraiser. as I progress in my career, your teachings will stay with me. Please… Continue Reading

On the death of my teacher, Larry Fagin

I should have prepared this ages ago. I knew my teacher was in hospice. but for some reason, I didn’t. maybe because I felt so weird about the whole thing. My teacher, Larry Fagin had cancer of the esophagus that spread to his lymph nodes, groin, and bones. He was diagnosed two years ago. Larry Fagin died… Continue Reading

Funniest Tweets I’ve seen in 2016

Funniest Tweets I’ve seen in 2016

Every week I like to put funny tweets in my email newsletter. Here are some of the funniest ones I found for 2016. Don’t thank me. Just go follow these wonderful Twitter comedians!     This last one made me laugh and laugh and laugh. But also kablobster. Because… THAT is ALSO hilarious. What were… Continue Reading