Lessons and Growth in 2018

How do I feel? I feel pretty good about this year. It was a year of many changes. Deciding what to say NO to in my business. Deciding what to say YES to. It was also a year of many exciting adventures. Going roller skating! Taking up tennis again! Watching some incredible movies. Writing more […]

Funniest Tweets of 2018

I like to send funny tweets in my enewsletters! Here are a few of them! 🙂 Let me know if they make you laugh. If you search under the FUNNY tag, you’ll find more of them.                                       […]

Poetry readings with Geetanjali!

We had such a fun poetry reading at my place in August! 20 people showed! And people got to read for the first time! It was simply magical. Thanks to Geetanjali Joshi! Then we recreated the magic in September at Sante Bar! Here are the two poems I read: Monaco   From the yacht We […]

My first solo art show!

It was SO FUN! I’m so happy that everyone came out. If you’re around Portland Oregon in the next few months, check it out at https://pdxurban.com, around 47th and SE Belmont St!

Risk taking and Larry Fagin

I wrote an obituary of my teacher, the poet and editor Larry Fagin, (July 21, 1937 – May 27, 2017), last year. This year people in the poetry community discovered it and were upset that I talked about the unscrupulous and nasty things that he did, such as sexually harassing me, not just the nice […]