Funniest Tweets of 2018

I like to send funny tweets in my enewsletters! Here are a few of them! 🙂 Let me know if they make you laugh. If you search under the FUNNY tag, you’ll find more of them.                                       […]

Best Tweets of the End of 2017

Let’s kick off 2018 right with a salute to the best funny tweets of 2017! Behold! There are probably some more but this is all you get for now.

Funniest Tweets I’ve seen in 2016

Every week I like to put funny tweets in my email newsletter. Here are some of the funniest ones I found for 2016. Don’t thank me. Just go follow these wonderful Twitter comedians!     This last one made me laugh and laugh and laugh. But also kablobster. Because… THAT is ALSO hilarious. What were […]