On the death of my teacher, Larry Fagin

I should have prepared this ages ago. I knew my teacher was in hospice. but for some reason, I didn’t. maybe because I felt so weird about the whole thing. My teacher, Larry Fagin had cancer of the esophagus that spread to his lymph nodes, groin, and bones. He was diagnosed two years ago. Larry Fagin died […]


Thank you so much to Paul Maziar for including me in the first issue of Banqueted, an anthology of fun poems! This was published by c_L Press by James Yeary, and edited also by Chris Ashby. My three poems inside are “Hello,” “Still House,” and one other. These poems can also be found by searching […]

Like Musical Instruments!

I’m so happy to announce that I’ve been featured in a new anthology of poetry, edited by Larry Fagin, called “Like Musical Instruments” Featuring photographs by John Sarsgaard, and poetry from some pretty fabulous NY school poets, including Kostas Agnopulos, Diane di Prima, Rae Armantrout, Alice Notley, Anselm Hollo, David Henderson, John Godfrey, Jo Ann […]


    Hello   My name is paul and my poems echo in the printing press my name is rick and only the homeless may see my poems my name is julie and i have misplaced my cherry my name is sandy and you can look right up my nose my name is steve how […]

Still House

Still House   Now empty windows make the ashes solid but what about the barrels of fire? Your rhythm your hollow brain Wandering horses shiver and gallop over ice puddles wind stabs the breastbone On the high cliffs above the locks elevators give way to victorian houses stone parapets have that same look down to […]