How you know you’re brave

My dad abused me. It’s scary to tell you. But i have to.  Because I’ve done so much since then, and it has not held me back. But it has made me who I am.  Someone who wants to find safety, and be that safe person for others.   So I’ve had to go deep, do therapy, do […]

The Great I Am

I am a blogger, teacher and writer who loves to help empower people who want to change the world. But really I’m a reluctant shaman who loves spirituality, poetry, art, and destiny cards. I am pretty darn good at marketing, writing, speaking and listening. I’ve devoted most of my life to seeking self-knowledge, writing, and […]

Welcome! You found me!

Thank you for being here! Are you looking for a trainer or speaker in fundraising or social media? Read more about what I teach. Want to build your brand online? Check out Wild Social Media. Do you want help making Encaustic Art? Visit my art blog. Perhaps you want online workshops in Encaustic? I gotcha […]