Do you want to hear me read poems with my lips?

DATE: Come out April 9th

TIME: 7pm

WHERE: At The Hazel Room, 3279 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, Ore.

More details

Sample poem that i might read:


Frying on this rock
walking the shallows
small sandbar
in dark Maine
hawk above yellow field
milkweed pods
burst white blurs
gourds hanging out to dry
orange studded with cloves
third eye surgery
night dust
division vapor
in the backseat again

Thanks to paul maziar of The Switch for hosting me!

If you can’t come out and see me that’s okay

You can have my latest chapbook, The Faberge Wrecking Ball, by clicking the paypal link below.

The Faberge Wrecking Ball by Mazarine Treyz