Certainly Not


I am certainly not thinking of

The luxuries of your table

The sausages, cheeses, olives

Lamb, chicken skewers, salad or anything so delicious


Nor am I thinking of the beehive inside my dress-

Living in perpetual fluctuation, excitation and tension

At a high temperature, with an animating self-heat

Closely packed, vibrating incessantly

Putting into luminous form

What the multitude inarticulately feels-

Jostling inside: conflicting impulses to get

An intimacy and spiritual nearness- or run away


A heroic passion or fantastical daring-causes us to

Approach but then reject

the couch

For sensual gratification elsewhere


Certainly not remembering

Your excited eyes and smile-from time to time

Anarchy from above


So far we have hardly mentioned your body- This was intentional for

You are a world unto yourself

That we must explore slowly!


There is something primitive and theatrical

About the way we throw our clothes off

Then your tongue between my thighs

My arms outstretched, back arched, crying out


Is it a fact, or is it a problem?

Does it slide between being one and being another?

Rashly I fall on you, and the inexhaustible

Foaming joy of your body, overripe and sensual

Breaks apart under my fingers