Mazarine Treyz presenting at the Scleroderma Leadership Conference
People lately have been asking me how I am. I am really happy, for these reasons.

I am happy that I get to help people every week with their fundraising. I am happy I have all of these phonecalls, meetings, and presentations with these fascinating, important people.

I am happy that I can bike to the farmer’s market on the weekends and get such delicious food!

I am happy to discover Grass fed milk!

I am happy that we’ve learned how to make butter in our kitchenaid mixer.

I am happy that I’ve done some pickling and canning with my friend Yukon!

I am happy that I made some curry paste from scratch with my friend Yukon too!

I am happy that I get to make so many products and books and webinars and e-courses with partners like Claire Axelrad, Amy Eisenstein, Pamela Grow, Vanessa Chase, and Joe Garecht!

I am happy that I get to partner with companies like Volunteermatch, Blackbaud, Meals on Wheels, Guidestar, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Willamette Valley Development Officers, Fundraising Success Magazine, and more.

I am happy that I get to go back and see my family in the fall.

I am happwater-lily2y that I’m always reading and always learning and sharing what I’ve learned.

I am happy that I can live simply and save money for a rainy day.

I am happy that every day I can take a nice long hike with the dog all over Portland.

I am happy that I can visit places like the Japanese Garden and the vertical garden institute, and see such beautiful flowers and trees.