It says,

Wow Mazarine!

Your 2017 Conference was amazing! Thank you for creating the Fundraising Career Conference. Because of the amazing presentations you have inspired me to think hard about the type of nonprofit culture I need to be a successful fundraiser. as I progress in my career, your teachings will stay with me. Please continue the amazing work you d- it is needed in our profession. Again, thank you so much! You are a true inspiration!!

Warm Regards,

R. Broderick


Here’s a thank you email I got recently from my salary negotiation presentation at the AFP conference in April 2017


I’m finally caught up on all the work that piled up while I was in San Francisco for the AFP International Fundraising Conference, plus all the work that piled up while I was getting to the first pile!

I wanted to share my evaluation of your session on salary negotiation, attached. It was the most important, useful session I attended in the whole 3 day conference. I’ve never negotiated salary before because I just didn’t know how. You provided clear techniques and research tools, and gave a lot of great advice.

I may be switching jobs soon, and I will finally have the knowledge and confidence to make sure I’m treated fairly. Thank you so much.