Hey everybody, it’s that time of year again, when I make an annual report. What a year!

ANnual Report 2016

Click here to download my Annual Report 2016 (3MB PDF)

What was significant about this year?

  1. Definitely getting out of my comfort zone and trying facebook ads, and hiring someone for facebook ads. He really did a good job!
  2. Definitely doing 3 conferences instead of one, THAT stretched me in good ways
  3. I would say also working with different people, including teachers from BayPath University, and making new friends who will teach at next year’s conference
  4. Realizing that the conferences echo my psychological progression, which is intriguing (more inside)
  5. Going back to yoga
  6. Creating significantly more income
  7. Having CFRE Credits and sponsorships from major insititutions
  8. Conquering fear, speaking my feelings, living alone again and redecorating
  9. Getting a new bike
  10. Spending more time in Vancouver with my friend Vanessa!
  11. Getting back into journaling, and writing
  12. Having a major realization about my poetry teacher